WG1: Electroweak Physics at the Z pole


Fulvio Piccinini, Roberto Tenchini

Mandate/Job description:

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Group activities:

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  • Z lineshape and neutrino families

  • Asymmetries at the Z

For more details please have a look at the presentation at the kick-off meeting presentation (14 Feb 2014)


  • Study Zμμ tracking efficiency and acceptance with various detectors in Delphes (ideally should include misalignments scenarios).

  • Study photon detection efficiency and energy resolution for Z+γ events above the Z pole (Delphes).

  • Study the b asymmetry precision in the semi-muonic Zbbar channel (Delphes).

  • Revise the radiator functions used at LEP for the Z lineshape (theory)

  • Study the accuracy of the left-right asymmetry measurement with various beam polarization parameters (work with machine people)

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