WG3: H(126) Properties


Markus Klute, Krisztian Peters

Mandate/Job description:

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Group activities:

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Studies with the FCC software framework with a first detector implementation inside DELPHES. The main aims are to test the framework and to start the detector qualification (with a first focus on the signal reconstruction).

Proposed benchmarks and deliverables:

  • Detector acceptance for decays with small BR or for studies where hermecity could be important, e.g.:

    • H→4l 

    • BR(H→invisible)

  • b and c-tagging efficiencies

    • H→bb,cc,gg discrimination crucial for the FCC-ee physics programme

    • Study both algorithm and detector design (impact parameter resolution) 

  • Tracking momentum resolution

    • Study Z(μμ)H cross section and mH measurements as a function of the muon momentum resolution 

    • Similar study for the BR(H→μμ) measurement

  • Jet energy resolution (dominated by angular resolution for events without significant missing mass)

    • Study hadronic Higgs decay (H→bb, ZZ,...) measurements in ZH as a function of the jet angular resolution (CAL granularity)

    • Study cross section (or total decay width) measurement accuracy of ννH(→bb) as function of jet energy resolution (CAL resolution)

  • EM resolution

    • Quantify Z(ee)H cross section and BR(H → γγ) measurement dependence on Ecal resolution and inner-detector material

    • Study bremsstrahlung recovery algorithms

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