WG4: Top quark physics


Patrizia Azzi and Freya Blekman

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  • Cross-Section and Mass: precision measurement in single and pair production

  • Properties: differential distributions, Couplings, Rare Decays, FCNC

  • High Energy: the case for 500 GeV


  • Top Mass precision measurement:

    • Deliverables: estimate of precision on the top mass measurement (both at threshold and fully reconstructed) and its limiting factors

    • Investigation of characteristics of signal (and background) generation at threshold (in collaboration with theory)

    • Impact of differen techniques for mass reconstruction on final achievable precision (experimental and theoretical uncertainties)

    • Development of simulation and reconstruction needed for the signal. Particular emphasis on b and c-tagging algorithms

    • Development of analyses in the dilepton, semileptonic and all hadronic channel, at threshold and above 

    • Development of different technique for extracting other precision variables related to top ( width, Yt , etc)

  • Top Couplings and Rare Decays

    • Deliverables: Sensitivity as a function of integrated luminosity for various rare decays and FCNC processes in both single production at 240 GeV and pair production at 350 GeV

    • Generator configuration and theory framework for couplings (SM and anomalousBSM)

    • Top (anomalous) couplings: direct and indirect approach (see presentation by B. Mele 19/06/2014 7th FCC-ee workshop) 

    • Simulation and reconstruction: FCNC single top production is a benchmark analysis for c-tagging performance

    • Pair-production analyses @350 GeV

    • Single top production analyses @240 GeV

  • The case for higher energy 500 GeV

    • Deliverables: estimate of precision of Yt from ttH production as function of characteristics of the possible upgrade. Critical evaluation of the need for such a run from the study of other possible measurements

    • Direct extraction of Yt from ttH

    • Other possible BSM signals (composite Higgs scenarios?). Strong interaction with BSM group and theory

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