FCC-ee/TLEP Past Talks

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F. Zimmermann, 16 Jun 2014, IPAC14, Dresden
M. Koratzinos, 7 Mar 2015, La Thuile 2015 (http://agenda.infn.it/conferenceOtherViews.py?confId=8743&view=standard), La Thuile, Aosta Valley, Italy
David d'Enterria, 7 Sep 2015, LFC15: Physics Prospects for Linear and Other Future Colliders, ECT*, Trento
A. Blondel, 5 Jun 2013, Shanghai Symposium for Particle Physics and Cosmology 2013, Shangai
A. Blondel, 8 Jun 2013, Higgs and Beyond, Tahoku University, Sendai
M. Koratzinos, 6 Dec 2013, NCSR Demokritos, Institute for Nuclear Theory, Athens
M. Koratzinos, 15 May 2012, HEP 2012, Ioannina
K. Oide, 13 Feb 2012, KEK Seminar, Fermilab, Chicago
P. Janot, 31 May 2013, Facing the scalar sector, Solvay
P. Janot, 12 Apr 2013, Seminar at LPC, Clermont