FCC-ee/TLEP Publications

arXiv no. / publication platform Title Author(s) Submitter Date

arXiv:1408.2090 [hep-ph]/Phys. Lett. B 775, 25 (2017)

Single top quark production as a probe of anomalous $tq\gamma$ and $tqZ$ couplings at the FCC-ee H. Khanpour, S. Katibi, M. K. Yanehsari, M.M. Najafabadi H. Khanpour 29 Mar 2017


Proceedings 17th Lomonosov conference on Elementary Particle Physics, Moscow, Aug. 2015. World Scientific, to appear

Physics at the FCC-ee David d'Enterria 17 Feb 2016


Proceedings LFC15: Physics Prospects for Linear and Other Future Colliders, ECT*, Trento, Oct. 2015

Physics case of FCC-ee David d'Enterria 25 Jan 2016


Proceedings HEP'15 Austria

Precision Electroweak measurements at the FCC-ee Mogens Dam 1 Jan 2016

Journal of High Energy Physics, 2016(2), 1-22

Direct measurement of alpha_QED(mZ) at the FCC-ee P. Janot P. Janot 18 Dec 2015

arXiv:1512.05194 [hep-ph]

High-precision αs measurements from LHC to FCC-ee David d'Enterria, Peter Skands (ed.) et al. 16 Dec 2015


Proceedings PHOTON 2015 Conference

Prospects for γγ→H and γγ→W+W− measurements at the FCC-ee Patricia Rebello Teles, David d'Enterria 28 Oct 2015


Sensitivities of Prospective Future e+e- Colliders to Decoupled New Physics J. Ellis and T. You T. You 15 Oct 2015

arXiv 1503.01325; JHEP04(2015), 182;  DOI: 10.1007/JHEP04(2015)182

Top-quark electroweak couplings at the FCC-ee P. Janot P. Janot 4 Mar 2015

CERN Document Server

Status of the FCC-ee Interaction Region Design R. Martin, R. Tomas Garcia, L. Medina 16 Feb 2015